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Civil Society Development Centre

Last Update 25.06.2010
  • The principal function of STGM is to provide free services and support to civil organisations needed to enhance their capacities.
  • STGM does not provide financial aid but helps civil organisations increase their capabilities.
  • The target group of STGM are the local civil organizations that are active in the fields of gender, children, youth, human rights, disabled, environment, art and culture/cultural rights. Local civil organisations active in one of these fields can fully enjoy support and services of STGM.
  • STGM is not an institution or project of the EU. The EU funded project "Strengthening Freedom of Association for Further Development of Civil Society" is one of the projects carried out by STGM.
  • STGM is a legal association and an independent civil society organisation engaged in various activities in accordance with its objectives and principles.
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This website is published under the European Union funded project "Civil Society Development for Active Participation" implemented by STGM.
The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views of European Union.