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STGM met Doms in Antakya

Last Update 18.07.2019

STGM carried out a needs-based training activity with the Association for Research and Development of Social Assistance and Solidarity in Dom Tribe Culture, the only Dom organization in Çukurova region and Antakya.

The administration of the association, which was founded about a year ago with the aims such as uniting Dom tribe and transferring Dom culture to later generations, is organizing a meeting in which the all the activities throughout the year will be presented to the members at the end of January. They founded a football team for boys and one for girls because of the great interest of young people to this sport. The average age of the administrative board is pretty low and women members
are quite active in the association. STGM will give the service as an institutional coach to this association and activities such as action plan and mission-vision will be carried out.

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