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STGM Presentation Movie

Last Update 13.03.2014

This presentation film gives a general idea about vision, mission, principles, activities and dreams of Civil Society Development Center. 10 minutes concantrated STGM...

Civil Stories

Last Update 13.03.2014

  • What getting organized can bring to a city and its inhabitants in the "Story of a Road";
  • What changes can occur in a woman's life when a single woman gets out and joins other women in "A Woman Story";
  • A case concerning a citizen's relations with the state and overall outlook to non-governmental organizations in the "A Village Story";
  • Importance for service delivery institutions of correctly identifying the needs of targeted people in the "Story of a Child"; and
  • The need for getting organized despite all problems in order to be free, as individual and all together, in the "A Pink Story"

You can contact to our Ankara Office for DVD and VCD format of the same documentary.

The Documentary of Project Stories from Civil Society

Last Update 13.03.2014

We had started our video work titled “Project Stories from Civil Society” in September 2005. Our aim was to open new horizons for upcoming projects and to draw attention to various stages of project development from budgeting to target group identification by telling the stories of different and successful civil society projects.

In a period of four months we sent e-mails to about 300 national and foreign non-governmental organizations as well as funding agencies giving information about this video initiative and requesting visual materials on their specific projects. And the outcome at hand now is a selection from many national and international project materials that we received.

The MINE (Mother Centers International Network) from Germany, Doutores da Alegria (Happy Doctors) from Brazil and OIKOS (Citizens’ Advocacy Centre) from Argentina sent us visual materials introducing their respective projects. For documenting the “Waste Recycling Project” developed for women by The Association for the Protection of the Environment in Egypt, two volunteers from Cairo prepared a video documentary and sent it to our centre. Thus, with the film introducing the COOPAMARE (Waste Paper Workers’ Cooperative/Brazil) we enriched our work with two different civil initiatives seeking solution to the problem of wastes in their respective countries. Another documentary supporting our video work was from the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) GEF/SGP Office in Turkey, on local solutions developed by the SGP for environmental problems in Thailand. Contributions from Turkey include visual materials provided by and an interview with Ercan Tutal, the architect of the project “Alternative Camping for Disadvantaged Groups in Turkey”, and the story of the “Centre of Volunteers” in the camp as related by a camp volunteer, Pelin Durmuşoğlu. Another contribution from Turkey is the story of Beyoğlu Local-Civil Alliance Centre which was launched jointly by local NGOs and Beyoğlu Municipality. The visual material of this last civil society story comprises video records of meetings that the STGM held with the centre, materials provided by the Centre itself and recordings of our volunteers in Beyoğlu.

Basing upon these visual materials and text prepared by the STGM the editing work was given start after February 2006. Until April 2006, when the documentary was ready, many STGM volunteers provided technical and artistic support including dubbing, preparation of the English version of the video, animation design and music. Recruiting about 40 volunteers in various areas, this work was completed with such a modest budget as 2,500 Euro. It is now ready for distribution in DVD/VCD format.

We hope that this work opens up new horizons for new projects.
With our best regards,

Sunay Demircan
Coordinator of STGM

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