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Academician / Researcher Database

In order to strengthen the civil space, we, as STGM, carry out various activities under the different topics, especially in capacity building. One of the STGM’s areas of work aims to meet productions of the academic environment with civil society. Through our Academician / Researcher Database, we work for contributing to the transfer of academic productions beyond universities and strengthen the linkage between academia and non-governmental organizations.

The Academician / Researcher Database has launched with the aim of contributing to the strengthening of the link between non-governmental organizations and academia in Turkey and bringing civil society actors together with their stakeholders in the academic environment.

CSOs who are willing to establish collaborations and partnerships with the academia can have a look at the Academic / Researcher Database prior to commence their works.


STGM receives the information entered into the Academician/Researcher Database directly from individuals. Although the accuracy of the information transmitted and added to the database is controlled by STGM, STGM cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. At this point, STGM recommends that individuals/institutions should check the accuracy of the information in the database, if needed. STGM does not accept any responsibility for the decisions taken/to be taken based on the data.