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BİRLİKTE Completed Its First Year

First year of BİRLİKTE: Local CSOs Institutional Support Program has passed. BİRLİKTE is funded by the European Union, tailored to the needs of local CSOs in Turkey and has a #birliktedeğiştiriyoruz slogan. We organized this project to enhance the capacities of rights- based organizations by making use of our experience in the field. During this one year, more than fifty percent of the activities included in the improvement plan of 42 beneficiary organizations of BİRLİKTE were realized, a total of 530 hours of interviews were made with 5 mentors and an expert, and 445 people from organizations took part in these improvement efforts.

BİRLİKTE has started in October 2018 and together with the beneficiary organizations it focused on improving the following topics in a year: strategic planning, stakeholder analysis, governance and decision-making, financial management, fundraising, volunteer management and information management.

We supported the studies on these topics with the trainings we organized in five different topics. Within the scope of the program, we have developed numerous training tools for the beneficiaries of BİRLİKTE. When designing an institutional development model and an assessment tool, we produced four guides and seven modules.

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