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The Check and Balance Network(DDA) is 10 Years Old

As the Check and Balance Network, we have been together with different colors and different sounds for 10 years.

For 10 years, we have been fighting together with hundreds of national and local civil society organizations from different political views and with tens of thousands of our supporters and followers to strengthen participatory and pluralist democracy.

The DDA Mail, which we provide information about our work and which we deliver to you every month, is here with a 'concept' topic this month. This time we are trying to summarize 10 years, not a month. In this post, which we can define as a 'special issue', we will tell about 10 years of our network. It will be difficult, but we will try.

Our network, which came together during the new constitution studies in 2011, has been contributing to the strengthening of the check-balance system, which is indispensable for Turkey's democratization, by using the methods of monitoring, policymaking, public opinion formation, and advocacy since July 2012.

In these 10 years, we have realized projects and campaigns in the fields of the Constitution, Legislation, Executive, Judiciary, Civil Society, Media, and Local Government that enable and transform the political field. Especially during election periods, we have presented studies that express the value of the declarations and that the citizens have a voice beyond just going to the ballot box and voting. We have emphasized in every activity that active citizenship is an indispensable subject of democracy.

Click on the link for the details of the 10-year process.

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