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Civil Society School (STOK)

We prepared a brand new training program with the information we acquired from STGM's nearly twenty years of experience.

We believe that our Civil Society School, which will start at the end of the summer in 2021, will bring together the participating CSOs with new information with its program content, complementary structure, and systematic flow.

We will start our training program, which spans almost the entire year, with the historical and conceptual definitions of civil society and civilization and discuss the future together. Later, the content of the course will offer opportunities in rich content from general to specific, to organizations that grow by developing their expertise in certain subjects, and to CSOs that want to specialize in advocacy.

In the restricted conditions of this epidemic period, we will, unfortunately, implement our Civil Society School program online.

With our digital content production workshop and the experienced team that we have established within the body of STGM, we are trying to produce training content following the needs of CSOs.

Undoubtedly, the greatest joy for us will be to be able to hold our training and other meetings face-to-face as the covid19 epidemic has lost its effect because we missed you so much.