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203-Project Cycle Management

About the Training

While planning and executing our projects, a will for change towards the solution and improvement of the social problems we identify always accompanies us. In order to carry out our project effectively, it is important that we plan this desire for change and create a roadmap for ourselves. Developing a systematic view in project planning and execution processes is also an element that helps us to use our existing organizational resources more effectively.

The 203-Project Cycle Management title contains basic information about project planning and management for those who are new to the concept of project. It also provides an opportunity to refresh their knowledge for those who have conducted and are carrying out projects before.

What will you learn?
  • The main components that make up a project and the concepts used in the project arena, 
  • Basic questions to be answered in the project preparation process,   
  • The understanding of causality that underlies the logic framework approach, 
  • How change is defined at each stage in the result-oriented management approach 
  • the points you need to pay attention to for effective project management.
How much time should you spend ?

Online 203-Project Cycle Management does not have any scheduled start and end date. You can start at the time you set and finish at the pace you set. We suggest you to spare 1-1.5 hours a day and complete the whole program in 1 days. The video content in “203-Project Cycle Management” is 40 minutes; reading materials take 20 minutes. So the total duration of all the content is 1 hour.

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