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Doc. Faculty Member Fehmiye Ceren Akçabay

İstanbul Okan University
Works/Activity Field:
Studies on Legal Regulations and Changes
Freedom of Expression
Women's Rights
LGBTI+ Rights
Political / Economic / Social / Cultural Rights

At Istanbul Okan University Faculty of Law, Dr. Fehmiye Ceren Akçabay, a faculty member, can provide support to CSOs in the fields of reporting, editing, translation, training, field research, moderation - facilitation and consultancy.

Fehmiye Ceren Akçabay's works in the civil field are as follows;

  • Women's Solidarity Foundation, Expert, Author, Researcher, Trainer
  • KADER, Instructor
  • RWI, Expert, Author, Trainer
  • Ankara Bar Association, Instructor
  • Izmir Bar Association, Instructor