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CSO Support Point

For over 15 years, STGM has been answering questions directed by CSOs regarding various problems they encounter in their daily work and supporting them in their requests. The CSO Support Point provides information, opinions, and suggestions on many topics, from project development to technical problems encountered in the application or implementation process of projects, from funds for CSOs to legislation, from communication and visibility activities to partnership with other CSOs.

What is a CSO Support Point?

STGM has been an information point since its establishment for non-governmental organizations where they consult and received ideas and opinions on various issues. In the first period between 2004-2008 when there were important changes in the civil society law in Turkey, the questions focused on the legislation, and therefore STGM formed a “Legal Line". The scope of these supports changed over time in parallel with changing needs and finally became the CSO Support Point. 

CSO Support Point is one of the main support areas of STGM today and its main purpose, like all other STGM supports, is to support the strengthening of organizations. This support can take the form of sharing knowledge and expertise, working together, providing opinions, and providing corporate coaching, or providing needs-based training. 

CSO Support Point provides the following supports, keeping in mind that the real subject of the empowerment process is non-governmental organizations:

  • Answering the questions of CSOs,
  • Seeking solutions for the problems of CSOs,
  • Collaborate with CSOs,
  • Increase the knowledge of CSOs, 
  • Enhance the skills of CSOs

STÖ Destek Noktası Nasıl Destek Sunar?

When the CSOs submit their questions to the Support Point or request to work actively with the Support Point, the CSO Support Point experts first examine these requests and provide a compilation of the necessary information to the CSO based on the experiences of STGM’s staff and the experts they work with.  The accumulated knowledge of organizations is also important in the formation of this accumulation. As a result, this knowledge and experience accumulated at the Support Point are spread back to CSOs from this point.

The CSO Support Point has three types of support mechanisms:

1- Spreading Information:

The first and most common form of support for the CSO Support Point is the generation of information and resources available to everyone. STGM has been working with local CSOs all over Turkey for many years. Also, it holds needs analysis meetings regularly as an advisory board. Thanks to these studies, we are informed about the basic and up-to-date needs of CSOs. The first exercise we carry out on these issues is the production of information and source documents. We publish them in the STO Support Point section of the STGM website and on our Youtube channel.

These resources can be guides, information notes, video interviews, video seminars depending on the nature of the subject. These open sources can be accessed at any time by all non-governmental organizations that need information on these issues.  

2- Providing Opinions and Suggestions:

Open sources of the CSO Support Point involve basic general information on the subject. However, CSOs generally need to get opinions and suggestions specific to their own situation on these issues. The second task of the CSO Support Point is to seek answers to the unique questions of these CSOs and offer opinions and suggestions. This can be called as a kind of consultancy service. CSOs that want to get opinions and suggestions can reach STGM by: sending an e-mail to 

  • sending an e-mail to  [email protected] 
  • calling (0312) 442 42 62 - 134. The CSO Support Point expert answers the phone between 13.30-17.30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The duration to answer the questions usually varies depending on the content of the question. The support point expert works on the questions submitted by CSOs and answers the questions within 2 days as a general principle. In cases where the problem requires a wider investigation and/or consultation process, the support point expert responds within 7 working days in principle. If the issue is a complex legal problem that requires opinion from the Legal Counselor, these periods will not be adequate.

3- Direct Supports:

Sometimes providing opinions and suggestions is not enough, you need to convene and work together. We define these situations as the third support of the CSO Support Point.

CSOs work directly with the STGM Support Point Expert and/or the relevant STGM expert for a longer time within the scope of a specific work they carry out. This type of support includes different forms from holding one-to-one meetings with the CSO in line with the unique needs of the CSO to providing an opinion on the project consulted by CSO to supporting the works carried out / to be carried out by the CSO. 

Depending on the nature of the needs of the applicant CSO, the support to be provided may vary from half-day working together to structured programs. 

We take great care to ensure that working together never turns into a form of undertaking the work in the name of or on behalf of the CSO. On the other hand, we prioritize the requests when the demand for these supports exceeds our capacity. In these cases, it is useful to state that we give priority to the demands of non-governmental organizations that have a rights-based approach. 

Direct support requests can be communicated through the above mentioned e-mail and/or phone number.  

What Issues Does the CSO Support Point Support?

  • Legal and financial rules
  • Funding and fundraising
  • Grant program application process
  • Technical support during the project development process 
  • Technical support during the project implementation process
  • Communication and visibility
  • Digital issues 
  • Advocacy 
  • Networking and/or partnership development 
  • Collaboration with Volunteer

Subjects and methods are not (cannot be) included in the supports provided by CSO Support Point?

  • Issues remaining out of STGM’s activity field
  • For demands showing targets, containing hatred speech and discrimination, constitute a violation of rights
  • Activities that should be done by the CSO itself (e.g. writing a project, preparing a logical framework matrix)
  • Demands referring to paid services (for example, a specific lawyer or consulting firm

What are the Working Principles of Support Point?

  • Basis: The principles and values ​​of STGM are also unconditionally valid for the Support Point.
  • Equal distance: All consultation requests received by the support point are handled equally. However, priority can be given to rights-based organizations, which are the main target group of STGM.
  • Confidentiality: Personal and corporate information disclosed to the Support Point are kept confidential. However, this information can be used by being anonymized for reporting purposes.
  • Accessibility: There are different communication tools used to ensure that all CSOs in Turkey can access to the Support Point.
  • Availability: The support point has the necessary measures to be accessible to individuals with different characteristics. It is updated basing on the emerging needs and possibilities.
  • Generality and Subjectivity: The Support Point responds to the organization-specific needs as well as the general and common needs of CSOs.
  • Empowering Together: With the approach that organizations are the main subjects of empowerment, the Support Point does not carry out the works “for” organizations but provides support for empowering the organizations. STGM gets stronger together with CSOs in the mutual learning process.

Legal Responsibility for Support Point Suggestions

STGM provides the opinions and suggestions for the requests for information and consultation submitted to the CSO Support Point. The responsibility of the consequences that arise in the direction of this support belongs to the ones who consulted. STGM does not assume any responsibility.