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A Multi-Sector Approach To Health Risks And Consequences Of Child, Early, And Forced Marriage

This is a qualitative study focusing on the risks and results of child, early, and forced marriages on health and has been prepared based on in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with relevant service providers, public officials, civil society workers, and academics working in this field.
Author / Editor:
MD. Arzu Köseli
Prof. Dr. Kezban Çelik
Publishing Date:
UNFPA Turkey

This study reveals many health problems caused by child marriages and adolescent pregnancies, such as increased risk of maternal and newborn mortality, miscarriages, preterm births, difficult delivery, growth retardation during pregnancy, low birth weight, severe bleeding, fistula and tears, sexually transmitted infections, and postnatal complications. In addition to presenting the health-related burdens of child, early, and forced marriages, the study discusses many suggestions and interventions to address, manage and prevent the issue of child marriages from a health sector perspective with a multi-sectoral approach.

The research also presents the reasons of child marriages, domestic and international legislation on child marriage, and current data on the subject.

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October 2021