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Geçmiş Olsun İzmir

Get Well Soon Izmir!

The difficult days we had after the earthquake that took place in the Aegean Sea and affected Izmir and the surrounding provinces on Friday deeply upset us all. While conveying our wishes to the people of Izmir who experienced the earthquake, we respectfully commemorate those we lost in the earthquake, we wish our condolences to their relatives and a quick recovery to the injured, in the hope that the loss of life will not increase.

As civil society organizations, we take our strength from kindness, solidarity, and each other. We believe that we will come out of these difficult days in solidarity together and side by side. We are ready to support any kind of work needed in provinces where earthquakes are felt, especially in Izmir. On our pages, we will announce the efforts to heal the wounds of civil society organizations that reached Izmir for search and rescue and solidarity after the earthquake.

We will go through these difficult days together. Side by side, shoulder to shoulder...

Get well soon Izmir!

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