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Mavi Kalem Association is looking for a Case Worker.

We are looking for a female teammate to work as a Case Worker in the Istanbul/Esenyurt office of the Mavi Kalem Association.

We are looking for a Teammate!!!

  • Position: Case Worker
  • Mode of Study: Full Time
  • Working Place: Istanbul/Esenyurt
  • Number of Staff: 2
  • Sector: Civil Society Organization
  • Education: Undergraduate

Job Description:

  • In the women-oriented projects carried out by Mavi Kalem based on gender equality, it is to receive the demands of individuals from the refugee and asylum seeker society, to provide support under the legal regulations by determining the sensitivity and risks, and to take part in the organization and implementation of activities aimed at psychosocial support and information.
  • Conducting a needs analysis by meeting with the beneficiaries guided by the General Counseling at the Esenyurt Project Office,
  • Determining the risks faced by the beneficiaries and determining the necessary steps to reduce and eliminate the risks
  • Directing the beneficiaries to the relevant units from inside and outside the institution, following up, finalizing, and recording these processes,
  • Maintaining relations with relevant public institutions, local administrations, and other civil society organizations to direct the beneficiaries targeted by the project in the area where the project will take place.
  • Making records of all social work and case management studies done in an electronic environment
  • Developing psycho-social or skill-building activities with the support of relevant trainers and experts following the beneficiary's needs and the definition of the project.
  • Establishing the implementation calendar of the planned activities aimed at psycho-social support and skill development and keeping the records of the activities
  • Coordination, planning and planning, and execution of joint practices for joint activities on special days with public institutions in the region
  • Organizing and implementing open space activities based on Gender Equality and raising awareness
  • It is the planning and execution of informative activities within the scope of the project.

Required Qualifications:

  • Woman,
  • Graduated from social services, sociology, psychology departments of universities with at least a bachelor's degree,
  • Fluent in Arabic,
  • Having at least 1 year of working experience in similar positions with refugee and asylum seeker women,
  • Knowing legal regulations and legislation related to refugees and asylum seekers,
  • Having field experience in the field of women's studies,
  • Having a perspective of protection and empowerment on gender equality and vulnerable groups,
  • Able to establish relations with people from different cultures impartially and without discrimination,
  • High written and verbal communication skills,
  • Using positive communication language,
  • Also, consider Mavi Kalem's advocacy mission in every field it represents,
  • Being able to produce solutions and be productive in times of crisis and stressful situations,
  • Able to establish relations with people from different cultures impartially and without discrimination,
  • When faced with conflicts and problems, calm, positive approach and quick to produce solutions,
  • Having a sense of collaborative work and non-competitive,
  • Time management-planning competence is developed, working hours are used efficiently, and can be stretched when necessary.

Those who are interested can apply by sending their CV and half-page motivation letter to [email protected] until 27/06/2021 at 17:00.

Important Note: Please write the position you are applying for in the subject section of the e-mail, and share your Turkish CV, half-page motivation letter, and reference information with us.

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