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Organizational Self-Assessment Tool

Institutional capacities play a pivotal role for strengthening of CSOs and sustainability of their influence. For this reason, STGM conducts activities, to provide services and to share experience for supporting organizations' institutional capacity-building efforts.

Institutional capacity building processes differ by needs, requirements, resources and circumstances. Capacity building works can be conducted in a wide range of supports such as from one-shot and short-term training opportunities to medium and longer-term institutional coaching activities.

STGM put together its long term of experience with universal knowledge, and is currently working on developing an organizational capacity self-assessment tool (OCSAT) that will be a part of STGM’s organizational capacity building model.

By means of the organizational capacity self-assessment tool, CSOs will be able to take a selfie and review their groundings in the areas such as Good Governance, Strategic Management, Planning, Participation, Resource Development, Communication, etc. They will also discover their organizational stands by identifying strengths and weaknesses through “legends” in the tool.

This tool and the approach will enable organizations to build internal thinking processes about their own corporate structure and to perpetuate the development series, beginning with learning.

In order to obtain the maximum benefit from the tool, it is recommended to utilize it by individuals in different roles at the organization (e.g., employee, executive, board member, chairperson, volunteer, member, etc.) and to assess the development processes through a participatory approach by analyzing the results and legends.

Besides, we also anticipate that CSOs who are eager to participate in the Organizational Coaching Programme of STGM to utilize the tool prior to the join.