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Our Studies and Publications

Our studies and their outputs are as follows.

Our studies and their outputs are as follows.

  • We created the 'Localization Advocacy Strategy Document', which develops common advocacy methods in humanitarian aid. We update the Strategy Document periodically.
  • We created the Working Principles Document, which frames our structure, functioning and working styles.
  • We created four Terms of Reference under the headings of financing, advocacy, partnerships and capacity, in which we defined the purpose and scope of the working groups.
  • We have prepared an Action Plan that includes short, medium and long term goals and activities.
  • We have created the Minimum Standards Document, which will be a reference to equal partnership, in the cooperation of local actors with donors. We periodically update the Minimum Standards Document.
  • We wrote an Advocacy Letter on 2022 Salary Policies to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • With the partnership of Watan Association, International Blue Crescent Foundation and Support to Life Association, we organized a workshop where localization was discussed by receiving a grant. It published the Policy Recommendations and Permanent Solutions Report as the output of the workshop.
  • We came together at the end of 2021 and talked about the vision, mission, common goals and objectives of the group. And we published the 2021 Localization Advocacy Group Workshop Report. You can watch the video where the workshop participants shared their ideas on localization.


  • We brought together the key local and international players of the humanitarian community in a consultation event. The meeting took place in Ankara on 24 May 2022, a date selected to mark the 6th anniversary of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) held for the first time in Istanbul in 2016. We shared the developments and good practices, discussed the barriers and opportunities facing localisation. Then we published the Localization in Turkiye: From the World Humanitarian Summit to Today Report 2022.

Our publications
Our publications are as follows.

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