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STGM Online Training Continues: Social Media Training Completed

With the COVID-19 pandemic, online training started by STGM continues. In this context, Social Media Training for CSOs was held on June 2-4 and June 9-11, with a total of 41 CSO representatives. In the training designed for two separate groups, live sessions and group works were supported with content shared through Google Classroom.

The training was held by STGM Digital Affairs Coordinator Özgür Mehmet Kütküt and Digital Communication Specialist Özgür Kurtuluş. Social Media Education for CSOs focused on the question of how CSOs can conduct communication by different social channels around concepts, tactics and social media communication plans, and video and training content specific to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, TikTok channels were shared with the participants.

In addition to those that should be considered about these channels, how CSOs can use these channels in issues such as advocacy, lobbying, and fundraising were discussed.

The training enriched with discussion questions and participant experiences on all topics were completed. For the CSO representatives, who could not be accepted in the coming days, by considering approximately 250 applications made for the training, this training will be held again and will be developed and made suitable for large groups.


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