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Funda Küçükcan Yılmaz

STGM'deki Rolü:
Birim / Proje:
Technical Support for Strengthening CSOs Capacities for engage in prevention of CEFM
Project Coordinator

She completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at METU, Department of Political Science and Public Administration.

During her university years, she started working with student communities in the field of civil society. She worked on the participation of non-governmental organizations in development processes at the GAP Regional Development Administration. Between 2005-2010, she worked as the Grant Programs Manager at the Civil Society Development Center, responsible for the design and implementation of grant programs.

Later, she worked as the Southeastern Anatolia Region Coordinator in the EU-supported Women's NGO Strengthening Project until 2013, and as the Grant Programs Manager of the Women Friendly Cities Joint Program within the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) between 2013-2015. 

She worked as an independent expert for the design and implementation of grant programs, civil society mapping, capacity building, grant monitoring and evaluation in many EU-funded projects carried out in the fields of civil society and gender in various international organizations, especially various UN organizations such as UNICEF, ILO and migration organizations between 2015-2020.  In 2019, she worked as the key expert within the scope of framework contract realized by European Union Delegation of Turkey to provide support mechanisms towards implementation of civil society programs. She is currently working as the project coordinator in “Project on Strengthening the Capacity of CSOs to Prevent Child Age, Early and Forced Marriages”  carried out in partnership with STGM-UNFPA.