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İşbirliği ve Ortaklık Kurmak İçin Araçlar

Tools for Collaboration and Partnership

Do you want to develop cooperation with other organizations in Turkey or the world? Do you need to be a member of a network/platform? Or are you trying to reach the appropriate CSOs that you can partner with in a concrete study?

Developing cooperation with other civil society organizations strengthens the work of the organizations. CSOs can come together by getting associated in networks/platforms, and build up partnerships with other organizations for acting together with regard to some specific topics in accordance with their fields of activity. 

In addition to the tools developed by STGM in order to meet these needs of civil society organizations, you can find other related resources, guides, databases and partner through the tools listed below.

STGM Database of Civil Networks in the World and Europe

The Database of Civil Networks in the World and Europe, prepared by STGM, functions as a search engine for CSOs that want to reach the general information, goals, membership, and contact details of networks organized on the international and European scale. You can list networks according to the keyword, subject, country, and city criteria in your field of study and access detailed information.

Sivil Düşün Programme Networks Database

It is possible to reach the networks in Europe by scanning the networks database created by the European Union Sivil Düşün program on the basis of the thematic area.

PADOR Database

PADOR is an abbreviation for "Potential Applicant Data Online Registration" for European Union foreign aid. In many grant calls of the European Union, it is necessary to be registered in PADOR. If you are an organization registered in PADOR, you can log in to the online system and use the "Search Organization" tab in the user menu to search on the basis of country and organization name/keyword, and access the contact information of the organizations.

If you do not have a PADOR registration yet, you can access promotional and application videos on our YouTube channel. You can also visit the ECAS, PADOR & PROSPECT page in STGM Supports for more detailed information.  

STGM CSOs Database

Using the CSOs database prepared by STGM, you can search with organization, the field of activity, place of activity, and region options, and reach the contact information and contact persons of the relevant organizations in Turkey.

CSOs database can stay up to date as long as CSOs log in and renew their information. If you are not registered, you can register to the CSOs database by using the link so that other organizations can reach you.

STGM CSOs Database, which you can access from the STGM website, will be launched in a very short time. 

Database of the Directorate General for Relations with Civil Society for Organizations according to the Province and Field of Activity

In the Database of the Directorate General for Relations with Civil Society, you can search all associations in Turkey according to the province, district, the field of activity, and detailed field of activity.

Database of the Directorate General of Foundations

In the database of the Directorate General of Foundations, you can search the foundations in Turkey according to their type, name, province, and district, and you can also access foundations that provide scholarships.

The Partnerships Resource Centre

The Partnership Resource Center, affiliated to Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, works in the fields of public-civil society-private sector partnerships and generates resources in this regard. You can find research, publications, and guides on partnerships on the web page of the center.

European Youth Portal

In this database prepared for young people's volunteering, internship, and job searches, you can search the basis of the country and thematic field of activity and access brief introduction and contact information of organizations.

ECOSOC Civil Society Network

The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) is one of the main bodies of the United Nations System. It consists of 54 United Nations Members elected by the General Assembly. You can reach the contact information of more than 13,000 non-governmental organizations from the page of the ECOSOC Civil Society Network. In addition to the database, the web page of the network also offers areas to communicate with other civil society organizations, to reach the news about the civil society in the world, to reach good practices and success stories from the civil society, and to participate in forums on different topics. 

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