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Filmmor - "Purple Movie" Festival

Last Update 24.01.2012

The Filmmor Women Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The festival will bring women's cinema to the cities of Istanbul, Van, Hakkari and Çanakkale.

The 10th International Touring Filmmor ("Purple Movie") Women Film Festival is going to kick off in March with movies of Alice Guy-Blaché, the first female director in the film industry. This will be followed by a selection of feminist Dutch writer and director Marleen Gorris. The festival comprises a special selection of movies of more than a hundred directors of the feminist cinema to mark the 100th anniversary of the Feminist Cinema and the 10th anniversary of the Filmmor festival.

The first part of the festival will be held in Istanbul from 9 to 19 March. Subsequently, the festival will be continued in Van in prefabricated containers and tents organized by the Van Women Association (VAKAD) despite challenging circumstances due to the aftermath of the earthquakes. After that, the festival comes to the south-eastern city of Hakkari in co-operation with the Yüksekova Women Association and finally goes to Çanakkale (north-western Turkey) in co-operation with the Çanakkale Manual Labour Evaluation Association (ELDER).

Over 79 movies from more than 20 countries will be screened. The festival will host guest from various countries all over the world and includes sections on selected topics, public screenings, panel discussions, a conference and workshops to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Filmmor.

As in the previous years, also this year the section on "Women's Cinema" presents short and long films, documentaries, fictional works, animations and experimental movies made by women from various countries.

Filming Desire and French documentarian Marie Mandy are going to be in charge of the public screening festival. Mandy has been part of the festival several times before. Movies directed by Tunisian women will be presented in the section "Tunisia's jasmine". The section on gender will show films related to issues of sexual identity and gender.

The festival will be held in four provinces all over Turkey. Besides the movies to be shown it also features the bestowal of the 4th Golden Okra Awards, interviews with directors, workshops, penal discussions and other activities.

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