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Indefinite “public morality” ban on LGBTI events by Governorship of Ankara

Indefinite “public morality” ban on LGBTI events by Governorship of Ankara

Governorship of Ankara banned events “organized by LGBTI non-governmental organizations” indefinitely on the grounds of “public morality”.
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Open Call For Proposals “BİRLİKTE Local CSOs Institutional Support Program”

Last Update 13.11.2017

“BIRLIKTE: Local CSOs Institutional Support Program” is a new support tool for developing institutional capacities of local CSOs. It is designed by STGM as an output of almost 15 years hands-on experience on capacity development for CSOs, and entails a general operating grant scheme along with an institutional mentoring program.  

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STGM Tweets also In English

Last Update 03.03.2015

STGM begins tweeting also in English. Follow and join us in the conversation.

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2012 Report Reveals How Male Violence Continues

Last Update 11.01.2013

n the annual report released by Mor Cati women shelter organization, violence victims explained the ways in which they became subject to male violence.

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International Trauma Meeting Held in Istanbul

Last Update 11.01.2013

With its main theme "Social Trauma; Consequences and Coping Mechanisms", this year's International Psychological Trauma Meetings discussed the social reactions to different sexual orientations.

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Torture and Ill-Treatment on the Rise, TİHV Report Cautions

Last Update 04.10.2012

The Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) published its annual report for the year 2011. Law enforcement officials subjected some 724 prisoners to torture and ill-treatment during the aforementioned period, the report said. That figure represents an increase in the frequency of such human rights violations.

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