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Civil Voices Festival Begins!

Civil Voices Festival Begins!

4th Civil Voices Festival, will be organized between 20 and 21 September 2019 in Istanbul and bunching together rights-based organizations and activists from Turkey and the world. 
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EU Login and PADOR Videos are Online

EU Login and PADOR Videos are Online

You can access promotional and application videos of EU Login and PADOR which used in the application process for grant programs supported by the European Union through our youtube channel.
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Announcements from STGM

First year ended at CSO Resource Center

Last Update 01.08.2019

The CSO Resource Center project, which aims to strengthen the organizations, increase their impact, support their existence, has completed its first year.

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Organizational Coaching Program is Starting

Last Update 30.07.2019

Funded by the European Union, CSO Resource Center that has been working for the aim of development of research, advocacy, monitoring capacities and empowerment of institutional, financial and administrative structures of civil society organizations in Turkey, is carrying out ‘Organizational Coaching Program’.

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STGM Institutional Development Model and Self-Assessment

Last Update 25.07.2019

Developed by the Civil Society Development Centre to enhance the institutional capacity of local CSOs and supported by the European Union, TOGETHER: The Institutional Support Program for Local CSOs has designed a model that will provide a framework for the institutional capacity building of civil society organizations.

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The Story of BİRLİKTE

Last Update 25.07.2019
BİRLİKTE Local CSOs Institutional Support Program funded by the European Union, started in October 2018 after a period of dense work.

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Took to The Road "Together"

Last Update 25.07.2019

Developed by the Civil Society Development Center to improve the institutional capacity of local CSOs and with support of the European Union, the TOGETHER program was launched on 8 October 2018 at the Şinasi Stage in Ankara.

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