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EU Login and PADOR Videos are Online

EU Login and PADOR Videos are Online

You can access promotional and application videos of EU Login and PADOR which used in the application process for grant programs supported by the European Union through our youtube channel.
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Civil Voices of Turkey Came Together!

Civil Voices of Turkey Came Together!

Civil society organizations in Turkey came together at the "Civil Voices Festival" in Istanbul on September 20-21. All colors and diversity of civil society met at the Civil Voices Festival. In the Festival, civil society representatives reminded that civil society is indispensable for democracy, for future and to overcome the crisis we are living in.
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Announcements from STGM

Important Announcement: The Measures We Have Taken Against The Coronavirus Outbreak

Last Update 18.03.2020
The Covid 19 outbreak, which affected the whole world, was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on March 11, 2020.  However, based on the spreading rate of the pandemic in our country and the measures taken, we have also taken various measures as STGM.
As part of the measures against the health crisis we are experiencing, our office will be closed until March 30, 2020 except urgent cases. However, as STGM, we will continue to work online remotely. Please be aware that you may not reach our lines in our office.
You can contact us at for the Institutional Support Program BİRLİKTE,, for the CSO Resource Center Project, for the Right to Participation Project, for the software donation program Techsoup, and for other topics.
Due to the precautions we have taken due to pandemic; our events related to education, study visit, workshop etc. are postponed for an indefinite period. We will regularly inform you about the postponed events regarding the recent situation.
For the recent situation, you may follow us also on our social media channels: 

Hope to meet you on healthy days,

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We Got Together with CSOs in Data Visualization Training

Last Update 03.03.2020

Last week, we got together with CSOs from different cities in Data Visualization Training to contribute to the development of digital capacities and skills of CSOs. 

38 CSOs working in different cities participated in the training that we organized within the scope of the digital capacity building program of the CSOs Resource Center, which is executed by us and supported by the European Union.

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We Got Together with CSOs from Different Cities in CSO Management Training

Last Update 03.03.2020

We organized CSO Management Training in Ankara and Antalya to contribute to the development of the management and resource development capacities of CSOs and to
introduce the basic analysis tools necessary for their organizational development. 

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We Organized Research, Advocacy and Participation Training

Last Update 26.02.2020

Trainings about the capacity building activities continue within the scope of Right to Participation and Freedom of Association Project which is executed by us STGM. The second one of the Right to Participation Training Series, which covers different dimensions of the right to participate and aims to build capacity in this field, was organized
in Ankara on 19-22 February under the title Research, Advocacy and Participation.

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We Come Together With Our Foreign Guests Within The Scope of Erasmus+ Adult Education Programme

Last Update 13.02.2020
As a Turkish partner of TechSoup Software Donation Program which mainly aimed at strengthening the digital capacity of the civil society, we came together with our guests from 5 countries over the past week within the context of Erasmus + Adult Education program.

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