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“Monitoring initiate for natural law” Calls the Deputies for Responsibility

Last Update 29.11.2010

The published government bill to protect nature and biological diversity which is negatively responded by nature protectors is also considered as a “precarious circumstances” situation by the 2010 progress report of European Union that also signalize about natural protection Turkey did not developed in an observable sense.

In the report, also, the point to increase of not only quantity of natural areas but also quality of them is emphasized for the sake of natural protection. The idea of quality of natural protection implies the necessity for new legal regulations to create a new perception of “nature protection“ parallel with international perceptions.

In this sense, Monitoring initiate for natural law should be changed with following points.

1.   Cancellatuation of the government bill and formation of a new one is required.

2.   In the preparation process nature rights and international perceptions should be taking into consideration.

3.   The connection between NGOs is highly important to shape a creative project.

4.   Deputies should have an active responsibility for this period.


For detailed knowledge;

Hüsrev Özkara

Tel: 0 533 394 47 11 and 0 554 584 79 09


Translation: Demet Gülçiçek (Volunteer of Civil Society Development Center)

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