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Capacity Building Center Project for Civil Society

We started a new era with new content. At the beginning of February 2021, our "Capacity Building Center for Civil Society" project started with the financial support of the European Union.

In our world where everything is changing rapidly, we have prepared a four-year program for civil society to anticipate the change, be effective in the management of the process, and shape its future together.
We intend to put the demand of civil society for a common future into words together.

Within the scope of our project, we have planned organizational capacity strengthening training; meetings that support acquaintances; experience opportunities to develop skills to anticipate and manage change;  studies to understand the languages, expectations, and perceptions of future generations.

In addition to our new planned activities, our technical and legal support to CSOs, which are essentials for STGM, will continue under the STGM Support Point.

We believe that the partnership with the Human Resources Development Foundation (İKGV) in our project, the cooperation with the International Children's Center (ICC) and the Gender Equality Monitoring Association (CEID) at the participant level will bring new horizons to STGM in the new period.

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BİRLİKTE Support Program Call for Proposals

You can submit your proposals until August 3, 2022 for the new support period of the BİRLİKTE Support Program, which we started to implement in 2017 to provide corporate grants and mentorship for corporate development to rights-based CSOs.

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