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ROTA Capacity Self-Assessment Tool

Institutional capacity is critical for civil society organizations to strengthen and sustain their influence. For this reason, as STGM, we conduct activities to support institutional capacity building of organizations and share experiences.

We add the self-assessment tool "ROTA" to the capacity building model that we have developed by synthesizing our long experience with universal knowledge in the field of civil society, which can be used by organizations.

With ROTA, CSOs can take a general selfie of themselves in many areas such as governance, participation, resource development, communication, etc., look at themselves, see their strengths or areas that can be developed, and use the "prescriptions" we have created to determine their organizational status. This approach will allow organizations to develop their internal thought processes about their institutional existence and structure, and to continuously shape the development sequence that will begin with learning.

To get the most out of ROTA, we recommend that the tool be used by people with different roles in the organization (e.g., staff, managers, board members, volunteers, members, etc.) and that the development process be evaluated with a participatory approach by reviewing the results and prescriptions.