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Applications for the 2024 round of the Gender Equality Fund are open

Support Foundation for Civil Society started to receive applications for the 2024 period of the Gender Equality Fund, which was implemented in cooperation with Bir Adım Var Foundation and Turkey Mozaik Foundation and with the support of individual and corporate donors in order to support the projects and capacity strengthening activities of CSOs working in the field of gender equality.

The projects to be supported in this period of the Fund are expected to focus on at least one of the following activities aimed at strengthening gender equality in Turkey:

  • Activities (workshops, trainings, campaigns, etc.) that raise awareness on the concept of gender equality among the wider society,
  • Activities/continuation projects of organisations wishing to continue their existing activities/services such as women's counselling/support centres, women's life houses, etc,
  • Activities to increase the capacity of organisations to implement their core activities and projects,
  • Advocacy activities on gender equality.

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