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Birlikte yaka pinleri

Birlikte Institutional Support Program

We are implementing BİRLİKTE Institutional Support Program, which we have developed using our years of experience and knowledge to strengthen civil society in Turkey. It is a comprehensive support program that includes both institutional grants and mentoring components for the institutional development of civil society organizations that carry out rights-based activities.

In addition to this support, we also provide a space for organizations in BİRLİKTE Institutional Support Program to meet and exchange ideas, learn from each other and develop collaborations. The CSOs we support through BİRLİKTE also benefit from our communication and visibility support.

Through BİRLİKTE Institutional Support Program, which we developed in 2017 and implemented between 2018 and 2020 with the support of the European Union, we support investments in the existence and strengthening of rights-based CSOs to contribute to their capacity to create change and to use financial resources created with limited facilities as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Birlikte yaka pinleri

BİRLİKTE Support Program Call for Proposals

You can submit your proposals until August 3, 2022 for the new support period of the BİRLİKTE Support Program, which we started to implement in 2017 to provide corporate grants and mentorship for corporate development to rights-based CSOs.

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