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STGM Publications

As STGM, we have been taking part in several activities to provide support for the capacity development of civil society organizations since the very first day we started off in 2014 together with a group of opinion leaders and civil activists. One of the consequential pillars among these studies is the reference documents we produced for civil society, as in STGM publications.

We Produce Reference Documents for Civil Society

As STGM, we aim to make research on the civil society field and popularize such knowledge.  We also try to provide practical information to civil society via the guidelines and information notes we prepare for the development of knowledge generation and literature development in the civil society field.

How May You Access STGM Publications?

You may download all STGM publications and share with others as you wish. Our publications are accessible to all and free of charge but the copyrights to the publications belong to STGM.  Therefore, it is mandatory to give reference in the event the publications are to be used partially or completely.

As a CSO, you may request the printed versions of our publications by contacting us via [email protected]. However, you may request only the publications from within the form to be provided to you because most of our publications are out of print. After your request, we may deliver the publications you wanted via our contracted courier company as collect call.