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Our Services

STGM provides a wide range of support for civil society to be strong, effective, participatory, transparent, accountable, and independent. It targets active citizens to strengthen the organization, organizations to strengthen organized structures, and organized structures to strengthen civil society.

If you are an active member of the civil society or if you are working as a volunteer or professional in a civil society organization, you can examine the support provided by STGM. STGM provides support to meet the needs of you and/or your organization on the following issues.

These supports include information, documents, advisory hotlines, activities such as training and funds transferred to civil society developed within the scope of the EU-supported projects which we have been carrying out with the support since 2004. Considering both the daily and structural needs of CSOs and volunteers, support is provided in the following areas: CSO Management, CSO Law, Project Management, Digitalization, Advocacy and Civil Society Thinking.    

You can reach STGM support in the following ways: 
i. By accessing documents and videos published on the subject, 
ii. By communicating directly with STGM,
iii. By following the invitations made.

For more detailed information, please check our page on the subject you want to receive support for.

Frequently Asked Questions

STGM publications are accessible to all and free of charge but the copyrights to the publications belong to STGM. You may download the publications over the Publications section and share with others as you will. However, it is compulsory to give reference in case the publications are to be used in part or whole. If they are to be used for commercial purposes, it is recommended to contact STGM.

You may refer to the section titled "How to Benefit from STGM" located on our website. You may contact STGM Support Point if you still have further questions about STGM supports.

As a principle, STGM does not refer CSOs to paid services/persons and organizations offering paid services and paid services/persons and organizations offering paid services to CSOs.  Nonetheless, we recommend that CSOs improve their organizational capacities in regards to project preparation and prepare their projects themselves. To that end, you may refer to STGM Sources.

Actions of STGM are announced on its website and over its social media channels. You may see all addresses and details over this link

STGM does not have any branch offices or representation offices outside of Ankara. However, STGM experts organize various trainings and activities in all regions of Turkey. You may always reach us over the e-mail address, [email protected] 

STGM Destekleri

Our Services

You can examine the services that we have structured by considering the daily and structural needs of CSOs and volunteers.