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Call for Pilot Projects: Employers Who Care - RESISTIRÉ

RESISTIRÉ is funding pilot projects contributing to the positive transformation of the homecare sector and the working conditions of domestic workers by mobilising “committed” employers as key actors of change and allies of domestic workers.  

The COVID-19 crisis has emphasized the importance of care work in all its shapes. However, the attention has mostly focused on institutionalised healthcare workers, neglecting the working conditions of the most marginalised and vulnerable care workers, those working in private households.

The ultimate goal is the improvement of domestic workers’ working conditions, understood not only as compliance with the minimum legal requirements but also as fostering a better working environment, based on mutual understanding, equality and fairness.

The pilot project will aim to:

  • mobilizes employers of domestic workers as actors for change;
  • raise awareness among employers of the rights, circumstances and needs of domestic workers and of the importance of acting as allies;
  • promote alliances among grassroot organizations and strengthen the voices of migrant women domestic workers;
  • disseminate the process and outcomes to raise awareness among the general public and other employers.

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