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CFPs: Strengthening CSOs’ capability to advance Women’s Rights & Gender Equality in Turkey

UN Women Türkiye, kadın hakları/kadın öncülüğündeki sivil toplum örgütlerini (STÖ'ler) ve Türkiye'de yasal olarak kayıtlı ve faaliyet gösteren hak temelli diğer ilgili STÖ'leri bu Teklif Çağrısı kapsamında proje önerileri sunmaya davet etmektedir.

UN Women Turkey invites women’s rights/women-led civil society organizations (CSOs) and other relevant rights-based CSOs legally registered and operating in Turkey to submit project proposals under this Call for Proposals.

This Call for Applications is launched within the framework of the “Strengthening civil society capacities and multi-stakeholder partnerships to advance women’s rights and gender equality in Turkey” (short name- ‘Strong Civic Space for Gender Equality’) project implemented by UN Women Turkey with the financial support of the European Union.

UN Women will award indicatively 5 Partner Agreements (PAs) to civil society organizations to contribute to the achievement of the project Output, “Women’s rights/women-led civil society organizations and other relevant rights-based CSOs in Turkey have increased resources and capacities to advance the rights of women and girls in fields where gender gaps persist in line with Turkey’s national and international commitments and in consideration of COVID-19 impacts.”

PAs will be awarded in four lots and in the thematic areas of:

  • Elimination of violence against women and girls
  • Advancing women’s economic empowerment
  • Enhancing women’s leadership and meaningful participation in climate action
  • Advancing youth’s transformative role in gender equality

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