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Contemporary Migration Issues Seminars: Integration of Syrian Migrants in Turkey into the Labor Market

Turkey hosts the largest refugee group in the world, but little is known about the employment status of these migrants at the country level. This study examines for the first time a rich set of employment outcomes – the 2018 Turkey Demographic and Health Survey – with a dataset containing a representative sample of Syrian migrants.

Compared to refugees living in developed countries, the employment rate of Syrians living in Turkey is relatively close to the employment rate of local people. In addition, the employment rate of Syrians in Turkey increases in a shorter time – within a year – compared to refugees in developed countries and reaches its peak. The wage employment rate of Syrian immigrants is 7.1 points lower than that of the local population. When we keep the sociodemographic differences between the two groups constant, this difference decreases to 4.7 points. Although the indigenous-Syrian gap in the employment rate for women is higher (16.1 points), this gap drops to 4.0 points when sociodemographic differences are held constant. Although employment rates are relatively close, the main difference is in the quality of employment. For example, even if we keep the sociodemographic differences constant, there remains a very high difference of 58 percentage points in the formal employment rate among men. Other main findings of the study are as follows: Compared to natives, immigrant employment rates are higher for young people (under 25 years old) and lower for the main working-age group. The difference between the local population and immigrants in women's employment increases as the education level rises. Finally, when sociodemographic characteristics are held constant, there is no difference in employment rates among men, between Turkish-speaking immigrants (Turkmen) and locals, while the employment gap between Arabic and Kurdish-speaking immigrants and locals remains.


Integration of Syrian Migrants in Turkey into the Labor Market. Prof. Dr. Murat Kirdar


Wednesday, December 29, 2021, 18.00

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Seminar Language: Turkish

This seminar series is hosted by GAR and IFEA-AMIMO.

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