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CRM Training and HRM Seminar from Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation

Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey will organize CRM Training and HRM Seminar on January 18 and January 21.

 Physical participation in the hybrid meetings to be held at Istanbul Mercure Hotel Altunizade will be limited to 30 people. There is no person limit for online participation.

The program is as follows;

In the 1st day event, NGOs will be trained on the use of CRM, and experiences of the CRM system installation stages of the Strong Networks Project will be shared with the Stakeholders. Consulting institutions on training CRM, loyalty programs, digital transformation, customer experience map, data-oriented thinking, Dr. It will be given by Uğur H. Özmen.

In the 2nd day event, the Place of Experiential Learning in the World of NGOs, the Effect of HRM Systems on Increasing the Capacity of NGOs, and HRM Systems Installation and Application Stages will be discussed with experts in their fields.

Click to register for the training.

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