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Culture Issue

Every issue is like a veil under which we see ourselves as we lift it up. Now we will look at ourselves under the veil of human and culture issue. We will be together with Metin Bobaroğlu on 20th May 2021 Thursday, at 15:00 hours.

Our new issue is, the issue of people and culture.

“Man dresses without realizing the culture he was born into; the one he realizes and wears belongs to the civilization, ”says Bobaroğlu.

“When it comes to methods, not habits, there is civilization. Civilization is based on method, culture on habit. Our conscious behaviors are usually methodical ones… Culture emerges from human-nature relationship, civilization from human-human relationship. Humanized nature means culture ”.

In this context, the question is: "Why are the peasants calm and the people living in the cities always on the defensive?"

You should not miss this topic, come on let’s go… 

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Metin Bobaroğlu