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The Digital Learning Platform e-Equality is Online

The "E-Equality" project, led by the Flying Broom Foundation, introduces the digital platform on gender equality that anyone can access: the e-Equality Digital Learning Platform!

The platform, which provides access to Gender Equality training for anyone, anywhere, anytime and in the most detailed way, consists of 4 main modules. Everyone who successfully completes the platform, which consists of the modules Basic Concepts of Gender Equality, Law, Media and New Media, and Advocacy, is entitled to a certificate.

Anyone who wants to receive detailed and scientific information on gender equality, both in written form and in the form of videos, can access the platform at

Each module has been provided with voice output within the platform so that the visually impaired can also use the platform.

Under the motto "Equality for All", anyone who wants to receive up-to-date and accurate information about gender equality, not only women or civil society organizations, but anyone! They are waiting for you at

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