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Earth Journalism Network-Biodiversity Media Initiative Project's call for proposals

As a part of the Earth Journalism Network’s (EJN) Biodiversity Media Initiative project announced a second round of grant opportunities for journalist networks, media organizations, civil society organizations or academic institutions that are working to improve media coverage of biodiversity and conservation issues in countries where information is most under threat and most urgently needed.

The Biodiversity Media Grants will support projects that:

  • Build the capacity of journalism networks and media organizations to report on biodiversity and conservation issues
  • Carry out biodiversity and / or conservation training activities for journalists
  • Build internal capacity
  • Organize local networks around these issues

This grant fund has US $ 64,000 available for awards this year, which would ideally be shared among four to five projects. Applicants should note their affiliations with existing media organizations or provide detailed plans about how this project would facilitate the creation of a new network or organization. As Internews is strictly a media development organization, they will not consider applications rooted in advocacy or political campaigning.

For more information please click the link.

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