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Embassy of France in Turkey - Call for Projects on Gender Equality

On the occasion of the traditional call for gender equality projects for CSOs and as a sign of solidarity, this year the French Embassy in Turkey will select one or more projects to support directly affected women.

As part of its feminist diplomacy, France is committed to the emancipation of women throughout the world. In this context, for the new 2023 call for projects "Equality between men and women", the Embassy of France in Turkey reaffirms its support for organizations working on the following issues:

  • fight against sexist and sexual violence;
  • economic autonomy and universal access to social rights and education;
  • promotion of physical integrity and the right to sexual and reproductive health;
  • women's leadership and participation in political life;
  • empowerment of vulnerable communities (refugee women, poverty, disability).

As a sign of solidarity with the Turkish people in the face of the February 6 earthquakes, an exception clause was added to this call this year: One or more projects will be selected to directly help women in disaster areas.

Detailed information can be found at this address: Erkek-esitligi-icin-proje-cagrisi/

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