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EU TACSO 3 Training: Information Activism, Data Collection/Data Management

EU TACSO 3 is organising “Information Activism and Data Collection/Data Management” for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Turkey to be of assistance and to support them in the process of their data collection and data management strategies.

The training programme will take place in the first half of November and consists of two different training programmes: An advanced training for national and regional networks, sub-granting organisations, social service providers, capacity building providers and a basic training for local CSOs and grassroots organisations with none or limited experience in data collection and data management.

Information Activism and Data Collection/Data Management Training Programme is envisaged to provide practical guidance to CSOs on data collection and data management practices which may correspond with their internal and external monitoring and advocacy practices. The training programme on data collection and data management is also considered relevant in the emergency situation and will have an added value as a part of mitigation measures following the COVID-19 pandemic that would serve for monitoring of rights violations during pandemic at local and national level. The training programmes should help up to 70 selected representatives of CSOs from Turkey to:

Inform on data collection and data management strategies and how to develop internal and external monitoring strategies based on qualitative and quantitative data;

  • Provide practical knowledge and skills on information activism and evidence-based advocacy;
  • Provide concrete examples of data collection practices of CSOs on gender equality, disability rights, youth rights, child rights, environmental rights etc.

Feed CSOs with information on digital rights and existing legal framework for protection of personal data;
Both training modules and practical work will be conducted on-line.

The training programme consist of two different training programmes dedicated to different target groups:

Three-Day On-line Advanced Training 

(3hrs sessions for each day)
Dedicated to CSOs who are specialised in particular thematic areas (high-capacitated CSOs, national and regional networks, sub-granting organisations, social service providers, capacity building providers etc.). Targeting maximum 35 representatives from CSOs.

The three-day advance training will be organized on 3-5 November, between 10:00-13:30hrs for each day.

To apply fill-in the Application form.

One-Day Online Basic Training 

(3hrs sessions for two days)

Dedicated to CSOs with none or limited experience in data collection and data management strategies (local CSOs and grass-roots primarily, but also other interested CSOs). Targeting maximum 35 representatives of CSOs.

The one-day basic training will be organized on 10-11 November, between 10:00-13:30hrs  (Turkish Time).

To apply fill-in the Application form.

Interested CSOs for each training should apply by filling in and submitting the application form by Friday, 23 October 2020, 16:00hrs CET.

In order to ensure effective training with in-depth approach and practical exercises, the number of selected CSOs for each training will be limited (up to approximately 35 for each training). Each CSO can assign one representative and can apply only for one of the trainings, which is most relevant to their experience in information activism, data collection and data management.

The selection will be made by EU TACSO 3 based on the following criteria:

CSOs who express intention to adopt an organisational strategy on information activism, data collection and data management

  • Regional distribution
  • Thematic area distribution
  • Gender equality

Participants will receive certificates after successfully completed the training. Training programme will be delivered by prominent experts, in Turkish language.

Both trainings will be complemented by downloadable manuals to be developed after the trainings are completed and a follow-up networking event aimed at exchanging of good practices on data management, different data collection methodologies and advocacy strategies in Turkey.

About TACSO 3

Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations in Western Balkans and Turkey (EU TACSO 3) is an EU-funded project in the Western Balkans and Turkey ( EU TACSO 3 aim is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organisations (CSOs) to actively take part in the democratic processes and to stimulate an enabling environment for civil society and pluralistic media development.

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