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Politika İzleme ve Katılım Eğitimi

Experiences in Monitoring, Advocating, and Managing Change

We wanted an experience, not education anymore. Instead of theoretical training in the halls, generating information on the real situation in the field, reproducing information by sharing, creating monitoring programs, developing advocacy practices for local policies, and...

And the experience of managing change. It has not been a subject that we have tried much until now. In a world where everything is changing rapidly, perceiving change is a different matter, and managing is another matter. Along with the experiences of monitoring and advocacy on this issue, again in the same local conditions, through the meeting of stakeholders such as civil society organizations working on different issues of that region, representatives of local governments, public authorities, we will try to develop simulations on local impacts of the effective winds of change (climate crisis, food security, migration, etc.). We hope that the COVID-19 epidemic will lose its effect in a short time so that we can find the opportunity to apply these works face to face.

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