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First Male Game: Adventures of a Family Man

Get ready to meet the Adventures of a Family Man, the first social responsibility game designed by Mavi Kalem for men!

Mavi Kalem continues its efforts to prevent violence against women and empower women. The Adventures of a Family Man, prepared within the scope of these studies, invites us to the adventurous world of a family of 6 people. In this game specially prepared for men, the Family Father is asked to make decisions for each member of the family. As a result of each decision made, results such as the family's financial situation, education level, and stress level are shown, and a rehearsal of social life is made in the game that proceeds. You can download the Family Father game from App Store and Google Play and play it for free with Turkish and Arabic language options.

"A Family Man's Adventures”, the first mobile game developed by Mavi Kalem by civil society organizations for men in the world, was supported by UNHCR. 

Let's meet on the Facebook page to support the spread of the game.

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