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The Grant Program for Local Projects (GGP)

The "Grant Program for Local Projects (GGP)" has been implemented by the Japanese Government since 1989 in underdeveloped and developing countries since 1989 as part of the "Japan Official Development Assistance (Japan ODA)".

The goal of the program is to provide non-refundable financial support for development-oriented projects that serve to satisfy basic human needs. Under the program, various projects have been implemented in more than 140 countries and regions to date.

Financial support under the Local Projects Grant Program is provided after projects have been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated according to the following criteria.

Projects should aim to meet basic human needs and address issues that target disadvantaged groups in society. The accepted project themes are as follows

  • Education 
  • Vocational training centers, programs for the development of professional skills
  • Within the framework of creating a safe environment in accordance with educational standards; construction of elementary school, projects for the rehabilitation of elementary school.
  • Basic health: development of general health services, renewal of health center equipment, provision of medical equipment.
  • Disabled: provision of special schools, educational centers, transportation vehicles for the disabled.
  • Women in development: establishment of vocational training centers to support women's income generation through the development of their professional skills.
  • Search and rescue vehicles and equipment: providing search and rescue vehicles and equipment for disaster relief to respond quickly and appropriately in emergencies.

Civil society organizations and municipalities may apply. Applicants must be non-profit organizations capable of implementing and supporting development projects at the local level.

More detailed information can be found on this page:

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