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International Journal of Equality Policies Has Begun to Publish!

The "International Journal of Equality Policies" started its publication life within the body of the Global Equality and Inclusion Network Association. It is very valuable and important for us to highlight and support scientific studies, and to carry out our work in an independent, impartial and transparent manner. As KAPI, we will continue our efforts to bring academia and the field together.

Ayşe Kaşıkırık and Güney Ferhat Batı are the chief editors of the journal. Turkey's leading scientists are on the editorial and advisory board.


Our journal; It is an open access, based on scientific evaluation process and published twice a year, electronic international academic journal. It is to create a common scientific platform where scientists, researchers and students working in all fields of social sciences, including equality and inclusiveness, evaluate their knowledge and experience, findings and opinions, methods and approaches, and share their views and suggestions. In this way; It is aimed to contribute to studies in all fields of social sciences at national and international level.


The International Journal of Equality Policies started its publication life in 2021. Our journal, social sciences; interdisciplinary and human rights in many fields such as political science, public administration, economics, business administration, finance, law, international relations, social policy and labor relations, international trade, behavioral sciences, history, geography, literature, philosophy, sociology, gender equality, human rights. publishes studies with academic qualifications. In addition to theoretical and analytical original studies, book reviews are also included in the journal. The publication languages ​​of the journal are Turkish and English, and publications are accepted for evaluation provided that they are prepared in accordance with the spelling rules in other languages.

  • Click the link for more information about the International Journal of Equality Policies.
  • You can access the first issue of the International Journal of Equality Policies here.
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