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Join the Network of Social Cooperatives!

The Social Cooperatives Center of Excellence Project, which is a continuation of the SKGP project, was funded under the EU's Civil Society Dialogue Sixth Term Grant Scheme. The project, in which the İhtiyaç Haritası is the main contractor, and Confcooperative Emilia Romagna and STGM jointly participate, will be implemented for 15 months. The project aims to increase communication and cooperation between social cooperatives in Turkey and the EU at local, regional, and national levels.


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Within the scope of the project, Turkey's social cooperative network is established. The network, which will bring together the founders/partners of the Social Cooperative, employees, members, and active citizens working in this field, aims to develop the social cooperative ecosystem. You can join the social cooperatives network to get to know social cooperatives from different regions of Turkey and different fields of activity, to receive support in the field of cooperatives, and to actively participate in the activities of the project. To join the network, you can fill out the form by clicking on the link.

Social media accounts to be informed about the Social Cooperatives Center of Excellence project and to follow the events;

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