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National Protection Map for Human Rights Defenders from the International Service for Human Rights

The International Service for Human Rights has created an interactive map showing which countries have made progress on legal instruments for human rights defenders.

References to instruments in the map showing the development of national legal documents for human rights defenders include laws, policies, protection mechanisms, and guidelines.

The map includes information on 61 countries from different parts of the world and information on 30 countries from the European region. Turkey is not among the countries shown on the map.

The map is intended to complement existing resources on the protection of human rights defenders and to provide a brief comparison of documents on the recognition and protection of human rights defenders with the "Model Law."

What is the Model Law?

The Model Law, developed by the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR), is a legal model that countries can use to create or improve their own legal protections for human rights defenders.

The Model Law was developed in consultation with more than 500 lawyers from each region and agreed upon and adopted by 28 of the world's leading human rights experts and lawyers. It provides guidance to States on how to implement the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders at the national level.

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