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Online Panel from Free Web Turkey: What will Elon Musk's Buying Twitter change?

Free Web Turkey will organize an online panel on the topic "What will Elon Musk's Buying Twitter change?" tomorrow, Thursday, May 26, 6:00 p.m.

The panel, in which Independent Turkish Editor, Journalist Çağla Üren and NewsLabTurkey Journal Editor, Journalist Ahmet Alphan Sabancı will attend as speakers, will be moderated by Lawyer Erselan Aktan.

You can watch the panel at

At the panel, the questions "What will be the effects of Elon Musk buying Twitter on freedom of expression?", "How will algorithms and bot accounts be affected by this change?", "Could Musk change Twitter policies according to the expectations of the states?" , "How will our data be recorded?", "Is Musk giving up on buying Twitter?" will be answered.

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