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Türkiye'de Örgütlenme Özgürlüğü'nün Genel Görünümü

Report on Overview of the Organization Freedom in Turkey is Online

Executed by us, the report on the study, through which we monitored the organization freedom in Turkey within the context of the Right to Participation Project supported by the European Union has been published.

In the report Outlook of Freedom of Association in Turkey; prepared by Dicle Çakmak, one of the experts in the Right to Participation Project, it is indicated that monitoring and reporting of the implementation produced by the legal and administrative framework in regards to the field is one of the most significant factors to contribute to the expansion of the notion of the right to organize, and it is highlighted that such monitoring study is important towards understanding both the actual state of civil society's organization and the main issues present and the view of the right to organize in practice.

Information on the "Monitoring Report of Guidelines for EU Support to Civil  Society in Enlargement Countries" that comprised the frame of the report was provided in the first section of the report featuring a total of three sections, while the second section included the evaluation of the legislation that regulates the right to organize in Turkey. In this section, also information on the nature of the legislation on civil society organization employment and volunteering, the financial liabilities and reporting responsibilities of CSOs, fundraising tools of CSOs, public funds available for CSOs, and participation of CSOs in political decision-making processes were examined. The last section includes recommendations.

How is the Actual State of Civil Society's Organization in Turkey?

In the context of the report, the overview of the organization freedom in our country was discussed in the light of the universal Monitoring Report of Guidelines for EU Support to Civil  Society in Enlargement Countries.

As part of the study, data was collected and analyzed on the main topics of interest to civil society such as monitoring and reporting of civil society organizations as one of the fundamental forms of organizing in civil society, their membership structures, fields of activity, the extent of their practice of their rights and freedoms, the issues they experience, and their financial structures.

In the report that examined the impact of the legislation and practices towards civil society organization in Turkey on the associations' and foundations' right to organize under 5 main titles; it was noted that CSOs required a series of changes in the environment they carry out activities in terms of regulations and practices regarding their right to organize, other related freedoms, employment capabilities of civil society organizations, voluntary working, financial rules the organizations are subject to, resource development tools, and their participation to decision-making processes.

It has also been highlighted that transformations to be realised in legislation and practice will improve the rights and freedoms of civil society organizations and enable them to play their roles towards creating a participatory and democratic society.

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