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Take action for Afghan women and Afghan people!

We call out to the world: We find the abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban administration as cruel as the methods of the Taliban!

Especially the USA; States that claim to be developed, civilized and democratic left the administration in Afghanistan, which they occupied for years under various excuses, to the Taliban almost on a turnkey basis. We find the abandonment of Afghanistan to the Taliban administration, which is the nightmare of all Afghan people, especially women and girls, as cruel as the Taliban methods.

We know very well what the reinstatement of the Taliban means, especially for Afghan women and girls. In the 1990s, the US-backed Taliban declared sharia and imprisoned women and girls in burqas, prevented women and girls from getting an education and participating in politics, made it difficult for women to access health services, punished them for speaking and laughing in public… Afghanistan; was made the country of women and girls whose fingers were cut off for wearing nail polish, who were executed for not obeying the sharia, who was burned with cedar for wanting to go to school…

After the removal of the Taliban from power in 2001, a change, albeit limited, began to occur: the abolition of the burqa obligation, the right to education for girls, the amendment made in the Constitution within the scope of equality between women and men, the law on combating violence against women, and the abolition of the ban on women from working. Afghan women have struggled for years, not only against the male-dominated system and inequality but also against fundamentalism and occupation. a breed; We condemn the fundamentalist male states, which are built on oppression, exploitation, and oppression, who destroy physically or socially, economically, sexually, psychologically, criminalize the slightest act of life, those who support them for their interests, those who leave them alone and turn their backs, and those who sit and watch.

The Taliban are trying to show that they are not what they used to be, trying to garner sympathy by announcing that they will allow women to go out alone in burqas. Nowhere in the world is it possible for our fellow citizens to hide their voices or their diplomas, to rush to buy burkas that are now sold at exorbitant prices, to be fired from their jobs overnight, to be removed from school, from the business world, from the street, and from politics, to be "given" to a single or widowed man over the age of 15. We do not accept that they are sentenced to an administration that will cause them to sit at home and wait to be killed.

We remind the following points, which are also underlined in many international calls:

A humanitarian corridor should be created for the aid to reach the Afghan people by making an urgent global action plan for humanitarian support.

All countries, especially the countries that have a share in what is going on in Afghanistan today, should shoulder the burden of migration equally and fairly, and the resources allocated to weapons and war should be allocated to peoples who have been forcibly displaced.

Everyone should mobilize their government for all human rights, especially the right to life and security of women and children. They should take action so that their countries take an urgent and clear stance.
Non-governmental organizations, activists, artists, academics, and everyone who respects human rights; should fight for the safety of Afghan women, children, and other discriminated groups in their own countries and non-recognition of the Taliban rule.

We call on international organizations, states, social opposition all over the world to oppose the recognition of the Taliban government as a whole and to support the struggle for it.

as THRESHOLD; We remind those who govern Turkey:

The Taliban is not an administration that will be 'recognized' and will make contact with 'unity of faith', it is a fundamentalist criminal organization that is hostile to women and human rights! By creating a holistic immigration policy, we want to see an approach that takes into account, not the Taliban, but the Afghan civilians who were oppressed under the Taliban, that do not see them as "objects of bargaining", and protects their most basic rights to life.

We ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey:

What messages does he mean when he says, “We would like to say that we welcome the messages given by the Taliban”?

We call everyone:

We are aware that the struggle to be waged together with Afghan women is a part of the struggle against those who ignore the Istanbul Convention, those who speak up, and the misogynists who reject gender equality. We look at our common future in the mirror of the experiences of Afghan women. We call on all women and opposition forces to unite the struggle as soon as possible.


Women's Platform for Equality 

[email protected]

*Header fotoğrafı: RAHMAT GUL/AP PHOTO

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