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"U'sandık" (U'chest, "We have enough"): Visual Chest Opened to Remember

Mirror for those who do not prevent femicides: Visual Box Not to Forget "For the memory of the women we lost"



With our rebellion against women's murders; in order not to forget the women we lost, not to forget, and to keep their memories alive, the "U'Sandık: Visual Chest To Not Forget" Instagram page (instagram/u__sandık) was opened.

The U'Sandık study started on 1 July 2021, the date of withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention (Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence), of which Turkey is the first signatory.

U'sandık; so that those responsible who do not fulfill their duty to prevent femicides, who do not even effectively implement existing laws, who do not comply with contracts or who were withdrawn despite these conditions, should also look in this mirror, so that no murderer man can say, "It was good that the Istanbul Convention was canceled".

Women and girls, who were killed with a "protection order" or a note that says "Will you take care of me when I die?" in their purse, because they said they wanted to leave, filed for divorce, gave the pot to their neighbor, or because they didn't want to be married at the age of 12... Some are killed even though they have repeatedly applied to the police stations saying they will "kill me", and some even had "restraining order". Their deaths are announced on the 3rd page of the newspapers under the headlines of "one more murder of a woman", with a few lines of forensic news about their lives - sometimes even without their photos or names. We made the U'sandık, so that their lives and deaths would not be overlooked or taken for granted so that they would be in our memory and their memories would live on.

We were able to follow the femicide as far as it was reflected in the news of “another femicide”, and compiled their life stories as much as we could find. We drew a picture of what we could not find in our dreams. We have the U'sandık so that we can leave a mark in our collective memory and keep the memories alive.

So that the lives of women do not end with men-state-politics-judiciary-negligence, and to be a mirror to those who cause and condone U'sandık!

U'Sandık is prepared by Filmmor - U'Sandık Collective. For each of the women we lost in the U'Sandık, cards with life stories and original portrait drawings are made as much as possible in a single frame, and unfortunately, it accumulates rapidly.

The U'sandık will later become a digital museum. Information cards about the women killed since July 1, 2021, started to be shared on instagram/u__sandık. The U'Sandık Collective will continue to work hard not to forget the women we lost, but by wishing not to add a new card every day and to close the chest as soon as possible...


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