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What Does Civil Society Do?

Civil Pages editor and civil activist Derya Kap met with 8 non-governmental organizations to try to understand the contributions of civil society in the "What Does Civil Society Do?" He published his work as an e-book and shared it as a video.

Kap, which prepares short videos and e-books to make the voice of civil society visible, asks, “How much does the public in Turkey know about civil society and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), are they aware of their activities? How much does he trust NGOs?, “To what extent is he aware of the vital role NGOs play in a democratic system? sought answers to questions such as:

In the study, which was prepared with the support of EU Civil Think, meetings were held with the Disaster Platform, Ankara City Council, Another School is Possible Association, Rights Initiative Association, HAYTAP (Animal Rights Federation) Foundation for the Evaluation of Women's Work, We Cod Association and Green Thought Association.

A summary of the non-governmental organizations and their activities in this EU-supported study are as follows;

Disaster Platform: In all disasters that occur in Turkey (earthquake, flood, forest fire), 26 non-governmental organizations are actively involved in the disaster area.

Ankara City Council: Turkey's most active City Council: It consists of 1250 non-governmental organizations. It produces policy by working in partnership with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Another School Is Possible Association: It created an alternative BBOM Model to the current education system. It implements 7 cooperatives and 5 school models in 7 different cities in Turkey.

Rights Initiative Association: “Against the oppressor, whoever he is; With the understanding of "whoever is on the side of the oppressed," it tries to protect the rights of both the religious and the secular, despite being close to the Islamic section.

HAYTAP: It fights not only for pets but for all animal species (horse, cow, donkey). Many awareness activities such as "A Bowl of Food-Water on Your Doorstep" in Turkey
started. He founded the Retired Animals Farm.

Foundation for the Evaluation of Women's Work: It started the women's cooperative movement in Turkey. It develops a business model with low-income, poor and marginalized women; enables their products to be sold.

We Code Association: In many cities of Turkey and online, both adults and
provides free coding and software training to children; It also finds jobs for participants.

Green Thought Association: Active advocacy and campaigning in the fight against climate change raises awareness. Contribution of mayors to adopt green policies provides.

You can access the e-book prepared within the scope of the study here.

You can watch the videos prepared for the study here

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