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Women in Science and Technology Association is looking for volunteer mentors for STEMWOMEN Project

Women in Science and Technology Association - SistersLab is seeking mentors for its work under the project "STEMWOMEN: Empowering Women Affected by Disasters in STEM Fields through Mentorship and Training."

The project aims to provide a comprehensive training and mentoring program for women between the ages of 18 and 35 who have been affected by the February 6 earthquakes, have received education and/or graduated from STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering) fields, and have not yet started their professional lives.

In the program, mentors:

  • Support participants in transitioning to the workforce, as well as their personal and social development.
  • Engage in discussions on ways for participants to succeed in their careers and topics related to career planning.
  • Share their own experiences with participants to help them develop their soft skills.

Throughout the mentoring process, mentors are expected to provide comprehensive support for career development. There is no expectation for technical mentoring in any way.

Mentorship Program:

  • Over a period of 3 months,
  • Once every 10 days, for a duration of 1 hour each time,
  • Conducted through one-on-one online sessions,
  • Sessions will be scheduled at mutually convenient times for mentors and mentees.

Those wishing to apply as mentors should meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of 3 years of experience in the software industry.
  • Possess constructive and effective communication skills.

Program start date: Week of June 3, 2024.

Application Link:

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