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You are Invited to the Sustainability Awareness Seminar with Pınar Öncel

The Volunteer School, which organizes “Awareness Seminars” to increase active citizen participation in the society, will organize a Sustainability Awareness Seminar on Thursday, March 10, between 20.30-22.00 with Designer and Sustainability Consultant Pınar Öncel.

You can find the application link here.

Who is Pınar Öncel?

Pınar Öncel is a designer and sustainability consultant focused on building resilience in the face of complex problems and on change through creative solutions. Together with Tuna Özçuhadar, she designs participatory learning processes that build capacity for sustainability, develops and executes multi-stakeholder projects.

Pınar, one of the founders of the Sustainable Living Film Festival and, has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from METU and a master's degree in the "Strategic Leadership for Sustainability" program from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (Sweden).

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