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You Are Invited to the Workshops on Organizational Well-being by the Center for Nonviolence

Organizational Well-being Workshops, held with the goal of strengthening civil society organizations and spreading nonviolent organizing, are starting now.

In the Organizational Well-being Workshops well-being and organizational well-being will be discussed by meeting with rights-based civil society organizations. At the end of the workshops, which will consist of two sessions, the organizations should be able to develop a well-being policy.

The content of the workshop will include the following topics:

• Well-being and organizational well-being,
• Factors that influence well-being, 
• Needs for well-being,
• Organizational well-being policy.

Workshop Calendar

Workshops will consist of two days of four-hour sessions and will be held from November 1 through December 31. The workshop calendar will take place on two agreed upon days within the time period established with each participating organization.

Criteria for Application

• If your organization is open to working on organizational wellness,
• If your organization has at least 5 active staff/volunteers or members,
• If your organization has been operating for at least 3 years,
• If at least 5 people from your organization can attend the workshop, which is scheduled for 2 days and 4 hours,

You can register for the workshop by completing the registration form by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 10, 2022.

Organizations approved for the workshop will be notified by email on Thursday, October 13.

For your questions, you may contact [email protected]

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